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Tokyo / Jakarta, Dec 30 (ANI): Many people in Japan prefer small cars as it suits to available infrastructure. To cater to the needs of its customers, Daihatsu Motor makes small sized automobiles. The company was established in 1907. Indonesia, a rapidly growing economy, is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world. Over 40 percent of the labour force works in agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector. However, the percentage has been decreasing due to out-flowing of labour force into the urban areas. Now, the stress is being laid on promotion of machines in agriculture sector. For the last four decades, Kubota of Japan has been producing and selling a horizontal diesel engine that is mainly used as cultivators. Also, the world’s fourth populous country, Indonesia has over 10 million people using eyeglasses every year. To tap the huge domestic market, the Japanese optical lens manufacturer, HOYA, has opened a new factory. HOYA, as a multinational company, is active in two main business domains as Life Care and Information Technology with leading innovation and high technology.

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