Japanese waiters test their speed

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Showing off their balancing skills, waiters race in Japan’s port town of Yokohama while carrying a tray of glasses and bottles. Elly Park reports.

Japanese waiters test their speed

Dressed in their uniform and armed with a loaded tray, over 120 waiters came to the Japanese port town of Yokohama to test their profession’s key traits.

Enter Japan’s Waiters’ Race.

Participants have to carry a bottle and three cups filled with water down a 300 meter course.

And although it’s not an easy balancing act, testing her waiting skills against others is a thrill says Hitomi Ito of the Yokohama Bay Hotel.

SOUNDBITE: Waiter, Hitomi Bito, saying (Japanese)

“Yeah, it’s my competitive spirit, I think. I must win the competition.”

Kento Sasamoto, one of the few restaurant workers in the race, won the individual’s men’s event in 49 seconds.

SOUNDBITE: 21-year-old Restaurant Waiter, Kento Sasamoto, saying (Japanese)

“We have the most participants from hotels rather than restaurants or cafes and it was my ambition to prove that we are equally qualified to compete with them.”

The waiters race began in Paris in the 1930s and was aimed at improving the recognition of serving as a career.

Today, it’s held annually in more than 61 countries, and this race is the only official one in Japan that dishes up speedy service.

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