Jet pack pilot performs water stunt

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An experienced jet pack pilot performs what’s been called a never seen before water stunt at Lake San Cristobal in Colorado. Rough cut – no reporter narration.

Jet pack pilot performs water stunt


Renowned jet pack pilot, Eric Scott, shot out of the water and navigated his jet pack above a lake in what’s been described as the first water stunt of its kind. Scott performed the 21-second long feat at Lake San Cristobal in the U.S. state of Colorado on Tuesday (August 23). The veteran emerged from beneath the waters of the lake and flew up covering 510 feet in distance. He then landed safely on the ground, all while strapped to an 800-horsepower rocket. Although jet packs have existed for decades now, Scott’s stunt highlights how the gadget’s technology has evolved. Scott described the act as: “The coolest thing I have ever experienced.”

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