Jokowi tours blasts sites, says things are back to normal

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo toured blast sites and stressed a return to normalcy as police arrest three in an overnight raid. Julie Noce reports.

Jokowi tours blasts sites, says things are back to normal

Indonesian President Joko Widodo toured businesses and met with those affected by the deadly Islamic State attacks in Jakarta.

Seven people were killed, including five of the militants, during Thursday’s bomb blasts and shoot-outs at multiple locations.

Jokowi stressed a return to normalcy.

I’ve seen and spoken to people in the mall and in the food stalls, he said. They said they were scared yesterday but now everything is back to normal, so that’s important.

The attacks were the first by the militant group in Indonesia which said it wants to establish an Asian beachhead for its quote ‘caliphate’.

During a news conference, police said they found an IS flag at a crime scene during a midnight raid.

Local media reported that three people had been arrested in the raid, although there was no indication that the men were linked to Thursday’s attack.

Experts agree that there is a growing threat from radicalised Muslims inspired by Islamic State, some of whom may have fought with the group in Syria.

However, they said the low death toll on Thursday pointed to the involvement of poorly trained local militants with crude weapons.

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