Kaine: Trump was rattled

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U.S. Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine slams Donald Trump’s debate performance saying he was “rattled.” Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Kaine: Trump was rattled


U.S. Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine slammed Donald Trump’s debate performance saying he was “rattled.”

Speaking to supporters in Orlando, Florida, Kaine said, “If you’re that rattled in a debate, try being president.”

Democrat Hillary Clinton accused Republican Donald Trump of racism, sexism and tax avoidance on Monday, putting him on the defensive during a 2016 U.S. presidential debate rife with blistering insults and short on policy.

Trump, a real estate tycoon making his first run for public office, said Clinton’s long years of service represented “bad experience” with few results and said she lacked the stamina to serve as commander in chief.

Clinton was under pressure to perform well after a recent bout with pneumonia and a drop in opinion polls, but her long days of preparation appeared to pay off in her highly anticipated first 90-minute showdown with Trump.

Trump, a former reality TV star who eschewed a lot of debate practise, was assertive and focused early on, interrupting Clinton repeatedly. As the night wore on, he became testy and less disciplined in front of the crowd at host Hofstra University and a televised audience that could have reached upwards of a record 100 million people.

A CNN/ORC snap poll said 62 percent of respondents felt Clinton won and 27 percent believed Trump was the winner.

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