Kaine: “You have got to build a community of respect”

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Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine underscores diversity in Florida drawing contrast with the “rhetoric in this campaign on the other side.” Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Kaine: “You have got to build a community of respect”


STORY: Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine returns to the battleground state of Florida making a pitch for diversity in America saying, “You have got to build a community of respect.”

“If you start dividing people against each other, blame game, name calling then all of a sudden you find that you can’t solve your problems because you are not letting the talent pool be all that it can be,” Kaine said in remarks to a small business in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno yesterday talking about some of the rhetoric in this campaign on the other side — that it would be ok for the nominee of a major party to ridicule somebody with a disability, or to trash people because they are Mexican-Americans, or to suggest that people who are of one religious faith should be treated as second class,” he said.

“This is a very very fundamental issue,” he said.

Clinton called on Friday for voters to reject what she called the “bigotry” of Donald Trump’s White House campaign, releasing a television ad criticizing his efforts to appeal to black voters and saying she was reaching out to people from all parties who are troubled by his candidacy.

The ad shows video of Trump’s controversial pitch to black voters, in which the Republican candidate urges them to support him by asking, “What do you have to lose?” It also shows headlines about a racial discrimination lawsuit the New York real estate mogul faced in the 1970s.

Clinton’s presidential campaign said the ad, released a day after she gave a speech accusing Trump of fueling America’s “radical fringe,” would air in the hotly contested states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

This has been a difficult week for Clinton’s campaign, as the release of new emails from her time as secretary of state revived criticism of her decision to use a private address and server rather than a government one.

The emails also stoked scrutiny of her family’s charitable foundation, including accusations that major corporate and foreign donors gave money in hopes of securing more access to then-Secretary Clinton. Her campaign says no donors received any special favors.

Clinton leads Trump by 12 percentage points nationally among likely voters, bolstered by minority support, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

A Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll for the week beginning Aug. 15 found Clinton beating Trump among Hispanic voters by 15 percentage points – 45 percent to 30 percent – and by 57 percentage points among black voters – 69 percent to 12 percent.

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