Karachi TV station attacked

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Political protesters attack a TV station in Karachi prompting police to search the group’s headquarters. Julie Noce reports.

Karachi TV station attacked

Political protesters in Karachi, Pakistan stormed a local television network on Monday prompting law enforcement officials to raid the group’s headquarters.

Demonstrators from the powerful political party moo-ta-heeda quahmee Muttahida Qaumi Movement- or MQM- fired shots at the ARY TV station on Monday before ransacking the offices.

According to local media, the group was angry over the media’s lack of coverage of hunger strikes carried out by it’s members.

MQM has held influence in the city for years although the party denies links to crime.

An ongoing crackdown on criminal and militant activity has seen many MQM members arrested which motivates other group members to go on hunger strikes.

After the ARY TV station was attacked, paramilitary troops searched the group’s headquarters and confiscated weapons.

The MQM’s website has also been blocked.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called a high level meeting later Tuesday to discuss the matter.

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