Keira Knightley makes her Broadway debut in ‘Therese Raquin’

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After staying in character when a fan interrupted a ‘Therese Raquin’ preview, Keira Knightley reveals what her limit might be. Helena Williams reports.

Keira Knightley makes her Broadway debut in ‘Therese Raquin’

She’s known to many for her complex female characters.

But it’s only now Keira Knightley’s finally been drawn to a tortured lead on Broadway,

In a new adaptation of Emile Zola’s novel, ‘Therese Raquin’, which made its debut on Thursday.

The British actress plays the titular role in the dark melodrama, which follows a woman trapped in a loveless marriage, who begins a passionate affair with her husband’s friend.

Drama became a reality earlier this month when a fan interrupted the first night of previews by shouting and tossing flowers on stage.

SOUNDBITE Actress Keira Knightley saying (English):

“It’s live theater and things happen. And the whole point of it is that our job is to stay within the story because there is a lot of other people who have come to watch it. So it’s really important that they get the experience. I mean obviously you get sometimes where you simply can’t continue, which is what happened on our first preview. But, you know, I think everybody has to put their chin up and just get on.”

She may not have broken character that time, but Knightly does have her limits –

Particularly when the production set features an on-stage lake.

SOUNDBITE Actress Keira Knightley saying (English):

“I’m quite convinced – there is a point where Judith is in a wheelchair and she’s actually strapped into it, and that’s the point that we’re both going to go in. And I’m going to have to try and save Judith by getting her out of the wheelchair, which is going to be really interesting. I think at that point we’ve all agreed that we are not going to continue with the show. That there is absolutely no way dipping wet, at the wrong moment that we could actually continue,”

‘Therese Raquin’ is playing at New York’s Studio 54 until January 3rd.

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