Khalistan Movement heading towards extinction

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New Delhi, Dec 22 : In the presence of several large militant groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban, the Khalistan Movement has not been talked about much. The movement took a backseat amid attacks by the other terrorist groups but is expected to return with the onset of political clouds over election-bound Punjab province. Pakistan’s intelligence agency and lone supporter of the Movement, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), will be keen to execute some notorious activities on the Indian mainland. The ground reality is that the demand for an autonomous Punjab has completely vanished from air and Khalistani leaders are travelling across the world to gain more supporters among the Sikh Diaspora and to damage India’s peace and sovereignty by any means. It is widely known that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been involved in terror activities committed by the Khalistani groups. The only goal Pakistan wants to achieve in today’s era is to destroy peace and tranquility in the sovereign state of India. The other day, the Canadian government also made it clear that Khalistan extremism, having centres across the world, will not be shown any tolerance and they have all the political and security will to sweep it off their nation. Experts believe that the Khalistan Movement, in a

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