Kholar (kidney beans) produced in huge quantity in Nagaland village

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Tuensang, Nagaland, Jan 24 (ANI): Scenic and misty beauty embraces one of the most eastern villages in Nagaland. Chessore, also known as the ‘Kholar village’ of Nagaland, is blessed with bountiful natural resources that resulted in a huge quantity of kidney beans or rajma produced in the village. Households of about 1000 families, Chessore village in Tuensang district of Nagaland produces the best and tastiest Kholar and every household can harvest 50 to over 100 tons per annum. However, bad road connectivity and a lack of market facilities for their produce are the major concerns of the people. Added to the disadvantages, Chessore village is about 400 kms away from Dimapur, the only commercial hub of Nagaland. Apart from Kholar, rice, maize and soya beans constitute the major crops in the Jhum fields of Chessore. And this shows that the land is rich enough to provide the needs of the people. Amidst the trouble and deprivation in the village, poor educational atmosphere is also one of the setbacks to its development. Proper market facilities and better road connectivity will help uplift the life of the people in the region and boost the quantity and quality of the food crops.

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