Kite Festival in Guwahati organized to pay tribute to River Brahmaputra

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Guwahati(Assam), Jan 11 (ANI): The blue skies of Guwahati, saw a variety of kites of various shapes, colors and materials in the Jeevan Kite Festival, which was organized by the Jeevan Initiative. Brahmaputra is world’s fifth strongest river, based upon the flow rate. This river is the lifeline of Assam and an essential unifying factor among a hundred communities. The Festival was organized to pay tribute to the Brahmaputra which has nurtured various ethnicities and diversities. The fest also attempted to sensitize people about cleanliness around the river and explore the untapped potential of tourism of the river. Thousands of kites in shape of fish, butterflies, and birds were brought from various international kite festivals. Events and activities like sports, joy rides on the river, traditional and modern cultural performances, ethnic food festivals and competitions for the youngsters were held. The Brahmaputra enters India from the state of Arunachal Pradesh and after entering the state of Assam and becomes very wide from 20 km in many parts of Assam. According to some of the organizers, the river is infamous for causing floods, but to change the image of the Brahmaputra River such festivals are held. More importantly, the message of Swach Bharat and the message of preserving the river were brought to the forefront of the common public.

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