Knife-wielding Palestinians strike in Jerusalem, West Bank

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Knife-wielding Palestinians attacked Israelis in Jerusalem and the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Friday and one assailant was shot dead, police said. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Knife-wielding Palestinians strike in Jerusalem, West Bank

Violence on the West Bank as two Palestinians use a motorcycle to strike at an Israeli checkpoint — extending a wave of violence spurred in part by tensions over a Jerusalem holy site. .

An Israeli police office says the two dismounted and rushed at the troopers with knives drawn.

They lightly wounded one policeman before being shot by a police woman at the scene.

One Palestinian was killed and the other severely wounded.

More violence in Jerusalem near the old walled city where a Palestinian man was was shot and critically wounded by Israeli security guards after carrying out a knife attack

This month’s wave of violence, the worst since the 2014 Gaza war — has in part been spurred by religious and political tensions over a Jerusalem site sacred to both Muslims and Jews.

Since the beginning of October at least 63 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israelis. Of those, 36 were assailants armed mainly with knives, Israel said, while others were shot during violent anti-Israel protests. Many were teenagers.

Eleven Israelis have been killed in stabbings and shootings.

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