Latin American leaders attend CELAC summit in Costa Rica

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Latin American leaders, including Cuban President Raul Castro and Bolivian President Evo Morales, attend the first day of the two-day summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in Costa Rica. Duration: 00:52

Latin American leaders attend CELAC summit in Costa Rica


Cuban leader demands end of US embargo to renew ties


BELEN, Costa Rica, Jan 28, 2015 (AFP) – Cuban President Raul Castro on Wednesday demanded an end to the US embargo against his country in order to make progress in talks to normalize relations.

“The main problem has not been resolved: the economic, commercial and financial blockade, which causes huge human and economic damage and is a violation of international rights,” Castro said.

Speaking at a summit of cthe Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Costa Rica, Castro said that the road to ending the embargo would be “long and hard.”

It was Castro’s first public statement since senior US and Cuban officials held landmark talks in Havana last week aimed at reopening embassies and normalizing ties.

US President Barack Obama called on Congress last week to put an end to the embargo, which was imposed in 1962 and has been a major source of tension between the Cold War-era rivals since then.

Earlier this month, Obama used his executive powers to ease travel and trade restrictions with Havana, putting a dent on the embargo.

But Castro said that the US leader should do more.

“He could use with resolve his broad executive powers to substantially change the scope of the blockade, even without the Congress decision,” he said.

Castro and Obama simultaneously announced on December 17 their intention to end half a century of animosity and normalize ties that broke off in 1961.

Some US lawmakers have voiced concern about the rapprochement, especially those of Cuban-American origin, who say Obama conceded too much to Castro without securing guarantees of political change on the island.

“Some forces in the United States will try to abort this process that has started,” Castro warned.


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