Launching a bid for climate breakthrough in Paris

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World leaders launched an ambitious attempt on Monday to hold back the earth’s rising temperatures as they met in Paris. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Launching a bid for climate breakthrough in Paris

World leaders from 150 nations converge on Paris in an ambitious effort to tackle climate change.

They arrive in a country still mourning after the Paris attacks two weeks ago.

As they gather in Paris, they hope to launch sweeping efforts to hold back the earth’s rising temperatures.

The host of the meeting, French President Francois Hollande, says the world has hit a “breaking point” in the fight against global warming.

U.S. President Barack Obama, who leads the nation that is the worlds second largest emitter, is hoping Paris will be a turning point.


“And what should give us hope, that this is a turning point, That this is the moment we finally determine we would save our planet. It’s the fact that our nations share a sense of urgency about this challenge and a growing realization that it’s within our power to do something about it.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who leads the world’s top emitter, wants to manage expectations.


“The Paris agreement should accommodate the national conditions of various countries and lay emphasis on practical results. It is imperative to respect differences among countries, especially developing countries, in domestic policies, capacity building and economic structure.

Hopes run high for the summit — after decades of struggling negotiations and the failure of a summit in Copenhagen six years ago — that some form of a landmark agreement will be reached by mid-December.

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