Leading news channel in quake-hit Nepal runs from a makeshift tent

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Kathmandu, April 30 (ANI): The Kathmandu-based leading news channel, Kantipur Television, is running from a makeshift tent as one of its buildings got damaged after a massive earthquake hit Nepal last week. The 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Himalayan country on Saturday (April 25), killing over 5,006 people and injuring 10,000 others. The government has yet to fully assess the devastation wrought by quake, unable to reach many mountainous areas despite aid supplies and personnel pouring in from around the world. Amid the crisis, Kantipur Television, popularly known as KTV, is fulfilling its responsibility of making the people of Nepal access the news in its hour of distress, said its news chief, Dilbhushan Pathak. Operational from its Master Control Room (MCR) and Outside Broadcasting van, the news channel has placed its crew members in the tent as the Saturday quake damaged one of its buildings, now being repaired by technicians.

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