Libyan forces beat back Islamic State

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Libyan forces say they’ve taken back almost all of Sirte, a city that used to be Islamic State’s regional stronghold. Yiming Woo reports.

Libyan forces beat back Islamic State

Libyan forces say the operation to rid Sirte of Islamic State militants, is almost complete.

Authorities say fighters backed by U.S. air strikes are clearing one last district of any remaining militants.

For more than three months, troops aligned with Libya’s U.N.-backed government, have been battling Islamic State for Sirte, the group’s regional stronghold.

The militants have been defending themselves with suicide bombers, snipers and mines that killed dozens of Libyan troops.

Most of the government-aligned fighters are from the city of Misrata, northwest of Sirte.

They counter-attacked after Islamic State advanced toward Misrata at the beginning of May.

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