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Ludhiana (Punjab), July 28: Parminder Singh, an interior decorator by profession is popular in his town of Ludhiana for his extensive collection of historic artifacts and texts. His broad range of collection includes text scriptures, coins, and currencies, beads, precious stones with religious significance and an extensive store of weapons from Indian medieval history. Recounting his fascinating journey he said he always found a sense of satisfaction in adding anything new to his cupboard, and initially the thing which was just a hobby transformed into a passion.As it is said collecting things can be enlightening and educational, amassing large collections of books and manuscripts has been an insightful experience for Parminder Singh who now carries a profound knowledge of Indian as well as world history. His progressive thoughts have been a significant contributor to his remarkable collection as he never let work or spirit dampened by the religious barriers. He never granted prejudices or biases prevalent in the society enter his personal faith in humanity. Among the weapons, he has swords, daggers, Kirpans, arrows, long knives etc. He has a sword of Nabha State of 1860 and also that of George six era of 1940 to 1945 which has a Monogram on it. He possesses forty-five different types of arrows in various sizes. Parminder Singh has been rewarded by various organizations for his collection of antique items with recent accolade coming from Kota in Rajasthan. Parminder’s spouse and son are his source of motivation for they have always encouraged him in pursuing his hobby. Now Parminder’s son who has imbibed or can be said inherited this quality of collection takes delight in collecting matchboxes and has collected more than a thousand matchboxes with different prints on them.

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