Lotte vice chairman found dead amid probe

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A top executive at South Korea’s Lotte Group is found dead hours before he was due to be questioned by prosecutors conducting a criminal probe into the conglomerate. Ryan Brooks reports

Lotte vice chairman found dead amid probe

A suspected suicide rocks South Korea’s corporate world

A senior executive for Lotte Group found dead Friday

Hours before he was to be questioned in court

Lotte confirming Vice Chairman Lee In-won’s death…

He was the highest-ranking executive outside the Shin family, which controls the group.

Police say the body of a man was found under a tree along a hiking trail

He appeared to have hung himself by his necktie

They’re still trying to confirm if the body was Lee’s

a suicide note was found nearby in the executive’s car.

Prosecutors raided the Lotte offices in June…

sources say they were looking for a possible slush fund…

and suspected embezzlement among the conglomerate’s companies.

Officials sources telling Reuters Lee’s death’s likely to hinder the investigation….

which has already taken a huge bite out of Lotte’s wide range of businesses…

In June Hotel Lotte was forced to cancel its an IPO to raise over 5 billion dollars,

which would have made it the world’s largest this year.

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