Madheshis observe martyr’s day

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Nepal, Jan 21 (ANI): Madhesh Loktantrik Morcha organised an event to honour the Madeshi martyrs, and commemorate the 9th anniversary of those who laid down their lives fighting for their rights in the Himalayan nation in 2007. The Madeshi movement started in 2007 as the people of the region felt they have been marginalised from their basic rights and discriminatory and domineering tendencies of the hill elites overpowered Madheshi elites. During the Madeshi movement, around 53 people protesting for equal rights in the constitution were killed in 2007.
The Terai incorporates 20 of Nepal’s 75 districts and accounts 17 % of the total area of Nepal.
Madeshis have been protesting since Nepal adopted new constitution last year in September. Around 54 people have been killed in the protests.

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