Madhesi leaders reject first amendment of Nepal’s constitution

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Nepal, Jan 24 (ANI): Ethnic Madhesi leaders have rejected the first amendment of Nepal’s Constitution which was voted upon by the Himalayan nation’s parliament after months of protest by their community. Speaker of the parliament Onsari Gharti Magar announced the passage of the first amendment of the Nepal’s Constitution in Kathmandu on Saturday.
Article 42, 84 and 286 of the Constitution, aimed at addressing 11-point demands raised by Madhesi political parties, were amended. The amendment sought to ensure higher representation in the government bodies on the basis of proportional inclusion of the Madhesis, as well as other marginalised communities. However, the lawmakers of agitating Madhesi political parties rejected the amendment saying it failed to address their core demand. During the parliamentary proceedings, the lawmakers of Madhesi political parties got up and started protesting against the decision of amendment taken by other parties. Later, lawmakers from Madhesi parties walked out from the house. Madhesi parties vowed to continue the protests against the Constitution. Madhesis have been protesting for the last few months over the new Constitution of Nepal which they feel has not addressed their concerns. About 50 people have been killed in police shooting during the

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