Madonna in court to bring son home

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Madonna in court on Wednesday (December 23) after her teenage son refused to return to New York with her, opting instead to stay with his dad in London. John Russell reports.

Madonna in court to bring son home

Not exactly the typical home for the holidays story, but media outlets reported that Madonna spent Wednesday (December 23) in court asking a Manhattan Supreme Court judge to force her son to come home.

The family dysfunction reportedly started in London, after the “Material Girl’s” 15-year-old teenager, Rocco, refused to get on a plane with her headed to New York.

Rocco, who’s spent the past few months traveling with the singer during her world concert tour, said he wanted to stay in London and live with his dad, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, according to a story published by The New York Post.

The judge in the case issued an order for Rocco to return home to New York, but Ritchie’s attorney argued that the teen doesn’t want to and would not voluntarily come back to New York, according to media reports.

Reports also said the judge also advised the singer to speak to Ritchie in an effort to resolve the custody dispute amicably before returning to court within the next several weeks.

Madonna and Ritchie have two children together.

They divorced in 2008.

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