Man tries to attack priest give mass in Indonesia

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A man tried to attack a priest during a catholic mass at a church in Indonesia on Sunday. Julie Noce reports.

Man tries to attack priest give mass in Indonesia

Police in Sumatra, Indonesia have detained this man for a suspected terror attack during mass at a catholic church on Sunday.

Witnesses at the Saint Joseph church explained what happened.

The priest was reading from the Bible, when we heard an explosion, this person said. A guy with his back on fire ran towards the priest. We tried to save the priest.

Witnesses said the man had been sitting with the rest of the congregation before suddenly running towards the priest… seen here with a bandage on his arm.

It’s unclear whether the assailant had any explosives with him at the time. A bomb squad has been sent to the site to investigate whether it was a failed suicide bombing.

Police said only the priest and the attacker suffered minor injuries.

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population and has seen a resurgence in fundamentalism during recent years inspired in part by islamist State and al Qaeda.

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