Manipur’s Karang becomes country’s first cashless island

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Manipur, Jan 27 (ANI): After the demonetization by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an attempt to bring out hoarded black money, there has been a mixed response from the people across the country. To make it more efficient, beneficial and transparent for the society, Union ministry of electronics and information rolled out Digital and Cashless India Mission by facilitating the country’s first cashless island. Manipur’s Karang Island becomes the first cashless island in the country following the footsteps of Akodara, a village in Gujarat, which attained the unique status of being India’s first digital village in 2015. With the initiative of the Common Service Centre with the District e-Governance Society for Bishnupur district, the cashless campaign was conducted from January 9 to 12. The campaign was jointly assisted by Karang Island Boat Association, which extended help in holding campaigns on cashless transactions and digital society. Located in the middle of Loktak Lake in Manipur, Karang Island has 297 households with a population of 1,859 according to 2011 census. The island is inhabited by Thanga people and is under Thanga part-1 Gram Panchayat in Bishnupur district. So far, 400 beneficiaries and 16 merchants including six motor boat service providers from Karang Island have registered for the Digital and Cashless India Mission. Manipur government has been putting a monumental effort towards the mission and to become a 100% cashless society, District E-governance Society will be providing POS card swiping machines in the island within a month.

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