Maracana Stadium hosts Paralympics closing ceremony

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Fans flock to the Maracana for the Paralympics closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. Julie Noce reports.

Maracana Stadium hosts Paralympics closing ceremony

Excited fans poured into the Maracana Stadium in Rio for the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

Thousands gathered outside the venue which holds about 79,000 people.

One fan, French national Emily Zanier, was trying her luck at scoring a free ticket… with nothing but a smile.

After holding her sign for a only a short period of time- a French family walked by- and her day got a whole lot luckier.


”So, it worked you see? It’s actually a French guy which gave me the ticket, a French family. So, you see? Five minutes and I got my free ticket. See you in Tokyo.”

The next summer Olympics and Paralympics will be held in 2020 in Tokyo.

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