Massive data leak hits French submarine maker

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The French shipbuilder which earlier this year won a A$50 billion contract to build Australia’s next generation of submarines has suffered a massive data leak. As Tara Joseph reports, it raises doubts about the security of one of the world’s biggest defence projects.

Massive data leak hits French submarine maker

A 22 thousand page problem – spilling secrets on one of the world’s biggest defense projects.

French shipbuilder DCNS suffering a massive data leak – exposing highly sensitive details of six submarines designed for the Indian navy.

Huge amounts of classified information has been aired – raising serious doubts about security at the company, which recently won a 38-billion dollar contract to build Australia’s next submarine fleet.

Reuters correspondent Matt Siegel is covering the story from Sydney:


“This leak is enormous and could hugely be damaging for DCNS’ reputation but also for the militaries of the countries that use this design of sub, which include not just India, but also Malaysia and Chile. It contains some of the most detailed and secretive aspects of the submarine, and for anyone seeking to exploit those weaknesses, they now have all of the detailed information that they would need. A defense industry source of mine that I spoke with this morning said that he would be surprised if the Indian government is not sitting around right now with its lawyers getting prepared to talk with DCNS about this breach.”

The French company says the leak doesn’t affect the Australian submarine program…

But Australian authorities are clearly worried, especially after the country chose DCNS to build its subs ahead of major bids from German and Japanese rivals.

Tokyo has demanded to know why it’s bid didn’t win…

That could make for an awkward conversation when Australia’s defense minister visits her Japanese counterpart later this week.

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