Mexican volcano erupts on New Year’s Eve

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Mexico’s Colima or “Fire” Volcano has erupted three times in the days leading up to the New Year. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Mexican volcano erupts on New Year’s Eve


STORY: Mexico’s Colima or “Fire” Volcano spewed columns of gas and ash three times into the sky between Wednesday (December 30) and Thursday (December 31).

The last of the night explosions took place shortly before dawn at 6:11 am local time (12:11 GMT) on Thursday. The volcano spewed igneous material which was ejected tens of meters above the crater, accompanied by a dense column of ash and gas.

Activity had started on Wednesday with an explosion, together with gas and ash, reported at 19:52 pm local time (01:52 GMT).

A third event occurred ten minutes after midnight on Thursday. Again the volcano shook with an explosion that spewed incandescent material several meters above the crater and then rolled down the slopes of the volcano, while gas ash rose up into the sky.

Located in the southwestern Mexican state of Colima, the Fire Volcano has been exhibiting continuous activity since July 9.

Officially known as the Colima Volcano, it was previously active in January and February of 2015 and is part of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire.

Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanos, but only 14 are considered active.

Major eruptions in Mexican history have included the 1953 eruption of the Paricutin Volcano in Michoacan, the 1982 eruption of Tacana Volcano in Chiapas and the 1986 eruption of the Colima Volcano.

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