Migrants near Macedonia border hold hunger strike

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“We need help, we need help, we need help” one migrant says, left stranded at Macedonia’s border with Greece as hundreds protest against border screening procedures, with some on a hunger strike. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Migrants near Macedonia border hold hunger strike

Some migrants have chosen not to eat… or speak… while others raise their voices in solidarity.

In a stretch of no-man’s land between Macedonia and Greece, hundreds of migrants protest — for a fifth day — against border screening procedures.

They say it’s unfair to leave them here, stranded.


“We don’t know, we are just staying here. We haven’t any choice, we should go to Allemagne [Germany], we should go to German, we haven’t any choice. We didn’t came back to Iran, we don’t have any way to come back to Iran.”

Last week, Slovenia declared it would only grant passage to those fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They said all others would be sent back.

… which prompted Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia to do the same.


“Please help us. We need help, we need help, we need help. Just help us. Please.”

The new policy coincides with security concerns over the chaotic and often unchecked flow of migrants into Europe in the aftermath of the deadly Paris attacks by Islamist militants.

But now, there’s a growing number of migrants left stranded on Balkan borders as the winter chill digs in deeper.

Many have started to reject blankets distributed to them by aid workers. And THAT has many human rights groups concerned for their safety.

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