Migrants try to elude fingerprinting at Hungary refugee camp

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Migrants run in a bid to avoid being fingerprinted at a Hungarian refugee camp for fear it could land them back in Hungary if they seek residency elsewhere. Julie Noce reports.

Migrants try to elude fingerprinting at Hungary refugee camp

Migrants dash towards a fence at a holding center in Roszke… they try to scale it, one person is pulled down by a policeman.

This refugee camp in southern Hungary requires incoming migrants to be fingerprinted before continuing their journey.

And that can be a problem for migrants who want to move on to more affluent countries like Germany or Sweden.

Mark Kekesi is a volunteer from the advocacy group Migrant Solidarity.


“But what’s for sure is that the refugees are afraid of the Hungarian fingerprint regime because they are well aware of the fact that if their fingerprint is recorded in Hungary, then legally there is the opportunity for any Western European country to send them back to Hungary.”

Some 2500 mainly Syrians, Afghans, and Pakistanis crossed from Serbia into EU member Hungary on one day alone last week.

In Budapest, hundreds could be seen at a train station sleeping or sitting on the floor in a designated ‘transit zone’ for migrants.

The surge in migrants seeking refuge from conflict or poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia has confronted Europe with its worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

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