Millionaire Arrested For Illegal Acquisition Of Land

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Muzaffarnagar police have arrested millionaire Natwar Lal, a government accountant by profession, over illegal acquisition of land belonging to forest department. He has illegally occupied over 1000 acres of land in the last 15 years. The High Court has ordered him to surrender in the district court within a month.


Natwar Lal, alias Jaibhagwan, was arrested from Meerut in a joint hunt by Muzaffarnagar police and authorities. He is said to have been assisted by some of his colleagues and district officials in the illegal procurement of land belonging to poor people and the Ganga department as well.


Investigation was started on November 6 by a team under the leadership of ADM, Finance. Detailed investigation was being carried out for past 21-22 days. A three-member committee is evaluating the property seized from him which is worth 15 to 20 crore rupees. These properties are supposedly plots and agricultural land. 

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