Miniature paintings that took 30 years to get complete

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New Delhi, Jan 15 (ANI): India Art Festival, after successful four editions at Mumbai and one international edition at Soul, Korea, made its debut in the capital on January 14. With over 300 artists presenting their art-work under one roof, it is quite possible that one might miss out on a lot of work if you take just one tour of the place. Art by Nisha Jaiswal at the venue will leave you intimidated because of its intricate work. You need a magnifying glass to appreciate the intricacy of her work.An academician by profession, Nisha is a self-taught miniature artist from Gorakhpur, UP, paints in two formats – Hindu deities in black-and-white and multi-coloured peacocks depicting different themes. She presented twenty-one works at the India Art Festival which took 30 years to complete. She adds that the art needs so much of concentration that while working on it one needs to forget everything else. India Art Festival will give visitors the opportunity to get knowledge about different themes and methods of painting and sculpting, along with giving a wide view on the talent of India. The art fair which began on January 14, will conclude on January 17.

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