Missouri still overcome by flooding

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Residents in Missouri are stranded by rising floodwaters after widespread flooding hit the state, killing over a dozen. Gavino Garay reports.

Missouri still overcome by flooding

The historic flooding in Missouri is showing no sign of easing.

Despite appeals for residents to stay off the roads, thousands lined up along Interstate-55 in St. Louis to get home, as crews tried to pump water off the roadway.

But it’s just a temporary fix — pumping water into the river means crews have lay sand bags to stop if flowing back again.

Days of rainfall have dumped some 12 inches of water on the area and at least 24 people have died attempting to drive in flooded parts of Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Authorities say it’ll be days before the Mississippi crests. It’s expected to break a record set in 1995.

And the worst may not be over.

Forecasters say the flood water will now begin draining south toward the Gulf of Mexico… posing a threat of overflowing rivers in the south as it goes.

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