Monkeying around in Singapore

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Monkeys at the Singapore Zoo get special festive treats to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey. Rough Cut (No reporter narration)

Monkeying around in Singapore


STORY: Lunar New Year celebrations are in full swing at Singapore Zoo as some of the residents welcome in their very own new year on February 8th.

The zoo’s monkeys were presented with traditional festive red envelopes known as “Ang Baos” packed full of all their favorite treats.

Critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarins were offered fruit and worms in Ang Baos and the Golden Headed Lion Tamarins, also an endangered species, were able to enjoy grapes attached to non-explosive firecrackers.

Singapore Wildlife Reserve’s Senior Education Executive, Wei Qian, helped prepare the treats.

“An example could be to put in treats that they like, like nuts or fruits or mealworms for example into the Ang Bao packet, so it gives a little bit of a festive spirit to it as well,” said Wei.

The Lunar New Year is observed by many countries across Asia.

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