Mood sensing robot unveilied in Beijing

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A humanoid robot that can gauge mood is the hightlight of the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing. Sharon Reich reports.

Mood sensing robot unveilied in Beijing

Welcome to Beijing’s World Robot Exhibition, where you can encounter robots that act a lot like humans.

The robots displayed here are divided into industrial, service and specialized categories.

Lets start with the bot that’s stealing the show – Android Genminoid F.

She may just be as life-like as it gets. The female humanoid was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University and it’s easy to see why people want to interact with her.

One of the creators, Kohei Ogawa, says looks can be deceiving and the robot is still a work in progress.

SOUNDBITE: Kohei Ogawa, co-creator of Android Geminoid F from Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory, saying (English):

“Our final goal is creating some AI system out of showing intelligence by using this robot. But still it’s difficult, for example, voice recognition system doesn’t work, especially in this kind of noisy environment. So that’s why practically this robot is useful for tele-operated medium. But in the future, of course we are gonna create some perfect AI system by using this robot.”

The other attention grabbing humanoid is Xiaoluo – a robot made by Tami Intelligence. He already has a following … and is famous for interacting with people and hosting television galas.

Product manager Liu Boyi.

(SOUNDBITE) Product manager Liu Boyi, of Tami Intelligence Technology, saying (Mandarin):

“It has plenty of facial expressions, and the screen installed in its eyes can give people a good feeling of interaction. And it can follow the human body, which means it can imitate your gestures when you are in front of it. Most importantly, it can recognize if you are a man or a woman, and tell your age and whether you are happy, and the degree of your happiness. It knows all of that.”

For other designers, the focus is on producing robots that reduce the repetitive acts of human labour.

Beijing has targeted robotics as a key sector for development, hoping to create several domestic robotics “champion” firms to boost annual production.

The three-day conference is the first to be hosted here, but certainly not the last.

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