Mothers of Plaza de Mayo march in Buenos Aires

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Argentine activists Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and their supporters march to demand human rights. Julie Noce reports.

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo march in Buenos Aires

A group of Argentine activists began a 24-hour resistance march on Friday to demand respect from the centre-right government.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo work to reunite family members who were separated during the country’s brutal dictatorship in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

A military crackdown on leftist activists at the time saw many people disappear. The group, in their iconic white head scarves, helped raise awareness of the human rights violations that were occurring.

And now the mothers – and grandmothers- have continued their fight for answers, but are asking their supporters to help.

The idea behind this march is to march without stopping, this woman said. You have to be our legs because we can’t march.

The group says some 30,000 people – including students, journalists and trade unionists – were kidnapped and murdered after the military seized control of the country in 1976.

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