Mumbai’s lunchbox delivery men to feed poor on streets

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Mumbai, Dec 31 (ANI): Hundreds of lunchbox delivery men or dabbawalas in Mumbai started a new initiative called ‘Roti (bread) Bank’ to help distribute leftover food from mass gatherings like weddings to the poor. Under the initiative, the lunchbox delivery men have tied up with caterers and wedding planners to serve the city’s needy. He added that any individual or event organiser could contact the lunchbox delivery men on the helpline number. Dabbawalas in Mumbai have for decades collected hot lunches from customers’ often distant homes and, using a complex delivery system and overladen bicycles, carried them to offices and schools across the city. Babusaheb, a lunchbox delivery man, said that he would collect food and distribute it among pavement dwellers, slum residents and anyone living below the breadline. Mumbai’s dabbawalas – often semi-literate men – deliver “tiffin”, or lunch, boxes every day.

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