Myanmar men sentenced to death for murdering British tourists

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A Thai judge sentences two Myanmar migrant workers to death after convicting them of the 2014 murders of two British tourists. Julie Noce reports.

Myanmar men sentenced to death for murdering British tourists

Two Myanmar migrants workers arrive at a Thai court on Wednesday where they were later convicted of murder and sentenced to death for killing two British tourists in 2014.

The bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were discovered on a holiday beach island in September of 2014.

The incident badly damaged Thailand’s image as a happy-go-lucky vacation destination.

After weeks of pressure to solve the case, police arrested two Myanmar migrant workers saying they had confessed to the crime.

Police were widely accused of bungling the investigation and mishandling the evidence.

Both suspects later retracted their confessions saying they had been made under duress.

During a statement to reporters after the verdict, David Miller’s brother Michael said justice had been served.


David always stood up for justice and justice is what has been delivered today. We respect this court and its decision completely.

Lawyers for the defendants said the two men would appeal the ruling and sentence.

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