NASA’s fizzing water bubble experiment captured in hi-res

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NASA astronaut Terry Virts explores water tension in microgravity by dissolving an effervescent tablet in a floating ball of water. Matthew Stock reports.

NASA’s fizzing water bubble experiment captured in hi-res

It’s not the most complex research the crew aboard the International Space Station will carry out.

But astronaut Terry Virts saw it as the perfect way to test out their new ultra hi-res camera.

An effervescent tablet dissolves inside a ball of water floating in the space station’s microgravity.

The result is a mesmerising display of how liquids behave in space.

And it’s thanks to the Epic Dragon camera made by the company RED — capable of recording images with six times more detail than the crew’s previous cameras.

NASA says it gives unparalleled clarity to life aboard the space station, with new videos to be posted online every few weeks.

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