Nepal Deputy PM & Indian Ambassador visit earthquake affected areas in Kathmandu

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Kathmandu, April 29 (ANI): Nepal Deputy PM Bamdev Gautam and Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae visited the earthquake affected areas in Kathmandu on Wednesday. The central government in Kathmandu still has little precise information on where the damage is most extensive and who needs help urgently. According to the Home Ministry, the confirmed death toll stands at 5,006 with almost 10,000 injured. Meanwhile, Indian and foreign mountaineers, who were on Himalayan expedition in Nepal when the massive earthquake stuck, recounted their horrific experiences after authorities airlifted them to safer havens in capital Kathmandu. Another young mountaineer said the helicopter helped them rescue. A US mountaineer Kathlene Nolan said around nine countries had come for trekking in the mountains.

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