Nepal Deputy PM to discuss border protests with India

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New Delhi, Oct 18 (ANI): Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Kamal Thapa, said he would discuss the massive protests in the border areas with the Indian leadership. Thapa came to New Delhi in his first visit abroad, days after Khadga Prasad Oli took charge as Prime Minister of the country after adoption of a new constitution that has sparked massive protests in the lowlands. The Madhesi community in Nepal’s lowlands, many of whom trace their origins to India, have imposed an economic blockade to oppose the promulgation of the new constitution. They are against splitting Nepal into seven provinces. Thapa would meet senior ministers and officials of the Indian government during his two-day visit. Protesters have blocked thousands of trucks at the border with India, the main supply route into landlocked Nepal, while the road to China is still obstructed by landslides. Tension between the South Asian nations has spiked since Nepal adopted a new constitution on September 20, upsetting southern minority groups who fear being marginalised in a new federal structure. India has rejected Nepal’s contention that New Delhi has blocked a key border trade point with Kathmandu that had resulted in acute shortage of essential goods. The violent protests have claimed over 40 live

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