Nepalese families say they have been left to their own defences

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Kathmandu, April 30 (ANI): Families in Nepal are forced to build their own makeshift tents after the massive 7.9 earthquake destroyed their home. Survivors crowded in the outskirts of Kathmandu’s old city, most of them living in makeshift tents built by using advertisement banners salvaged from the rubble as shelter. Earthquake survivor Loks Miriban said that apart from a daily ration of water, no assistance has been provided for her family by the government. Prabin Sahs, whose office and home were destroyed in the earthquake, said he and other survivors have been forced to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, long queues of people were formed in the capital, Kathmandu as people waited to board buses to travel out of the quake-hit city. On Wednesday, in Kathmandu, about 200 people protested outside parliament, asking for more buses to go to their homes in remote parts of the Himalayan nation and to hasten the distribution of aid that has flooded into the country but been slow to reach those in need.

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