New record for world’s largest orchestra

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More than 7,500 musicians gather at the local Frankfurt soccer stadium and set a new record for assembling the world’s largest orchestra. Sharon Reich reports.

New record for world’s largest orchestra

More than 7,500 musicians perform Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” in Frankfurt’s soccer stadium, setting a new record for the world’s largest orchestra.

Twenty eight-year-old trumpeter and music teacher Jens Illemann organized the event, and says the biggest challenge was for all the musicians to play in unison.

SOUNDBITE: Event organizer and musician, Jens Illemann, saying (German):

“We solved this by putting up a 550 square metre video screen here at the stadium so that our director, Wolf Kerschek will be seen 16 metres tall from every corner of the stadium.”

The previous record was set in Brisbane, Australia in 2013, when 7,224 musicians played together for at least five minutes.

The orchestra in Frankfurt was composed of 7,548 musicians, who played Ode to Joy … music to our ears.

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