Newly proposed law might throw celebs in jail upto 5 yrs for misleading endorsements

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New Delhi, Aug 30 (ANI): Celebrities might have to be more careful now before they sign a brand endorsement deal as a newly proposed law might lock them up in jail upto five years along with a hefty fine of Rs. 50 lacs. According to sources, the Department of Consumer Affairs has received comments from other ministries on the draft law. After studying the panel’s report, the Consumer Affairs Ministry has accepted some key recommendations such as provisions for fixing liability on celebrities and stringent punishment for adulteration, among others. Speaking on the matter, an insider revealed, “For the first time offence, a fine of Rs 10 lakh and jail term of up to two years, while for second and subsequent offenses, a fine of Rs 50 lakh and imprisonment of five years has been proposed for brand ambassadors.”The Centre in August last year had introduced the Consumer Protection Bill 2015, in Lok Sabha, to repeal the 30 -year-old Consumer Protection Act.

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