Nicole Kidman named best actress in London stage awards

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Oscar winning star Nicole Kidman and James McAvoy named best actor and actress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Jane Witherspoon reports.

Nicole Kidman named best actress in London stage awards

Nicole Kidman adding another Best Actress gong to her collection.

She picked it up at the London Evening Standard Awards for her performance as a DNA researcher in the play ‘Photograph 51’.

It was her first return to the London stage since 1988 and a triumphant one at that.

SOUNDBITE Actress, Nicole Kidman, saying (English):

“I did this because my father died a year ago, and he was a scientist, and I did this for him, and somehow every night before I would go on stage I would kneel in front of his photograph and look into his eyes, and he would give me the strength to go and do it every night, and I’m so glad that he orbits around and helps me like that,”

She’d arrived on the red carpet earlier with her husband Keith Urban and told how her last performance was an emotional one.

SOUNDBITE Actress, Nicole Kidman, saying (English):

“Oh it was sad, I was crying in the curtain call, both in the matinee and the evening performance, because it’s been an extraordinary three months, and it’s obviously, you know, that’s the thing about theatre, once it’s done it’s done, and it’s gone forever, so it’s the beauty of it.”

James McAvoy was awarded best actor for a revival of The Ruling Class.

SOUNDBITE Actor, James McAvoy, saying (English):

“I had a plan, I had a speech, I had a structure, but then Vanessa Redgrave came out and said that we were all part of her family and it blew me away.”

Acting royalty Dame Judi Dench co-hosted the evening with Sir Ian McKellan

SOUNDBITE Actress, Judi Dench, saying (English):

“They are very important, they’re very important because they highlight the fact that I think this country is wonderful, and theatre particularly, and it’s lovely that Evgeny set it all up, and you know that such things happen, it’s lovely.”

A lovely night indeed.

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