No injuries in Texas mosque fire

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Officials in Houston, Texas are investigating the cause of a Christmas day fire at a mosque. Diane Hodges reports.

No injuries in Texas mosque fire

Officials say no one was there when the blaze broke out in the middle of the afternoon, but the mosque, as well as some businesses in the shopping mall, were damaged by the fire.

Officials are investigating the cause of the blaze.

But one of the owners of the shopping mall dismissed the possibility of arson.


“People have made assumptions as far as being a hate crime, you know, today’s Christmas, I don’t think it’s that. It’s been here for 12 years it’s home to a lot of people, and it never had any issues, so why now?”

Mosques around the country have been on the alert for arson attacks since a Muslim couple killed 14 people in California earlier this month.

Local media quote Houston officials as saying every fire at a religious building is considered suspicious until proven otherwise.

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