North Korea leader delays plans to fire missiles towards Guam

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North Korea, Aug 15 (ANI): North Korea’s Commander-in-Chief changed his stand on Guam matter. According to a statement released by State media on Tuesday, Kim Jong Un has opted to wait before executing the plans to fire missiles towards Guam as he watches the United States actions a little longer. The report warns if America continues with its ‘extremely dangerous and reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula, Kim will make an important decision. He further added that in case he calls army into action, they should always be ready. U.S. Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Joseph Dunford said: “Based on projective capacity that North Korea possesses today, we can protect the Peninsula, the Koreans here in the Peninsula, the Americans here in the Peninsula, we can protect Guam, we can protect Hawaii, and we can protect the continent of the United States.” U.S. President Donald Trump earlier warned that if North Korea threatens the U.S., they will be met with ‘fire and the fury, like the world has never seen.

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