Now, capture and share important moments with ‘Google Duo’

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New Delhi, Mar 13 (ANI): Tech giant Google has announced the launch of a video messaging feature on its video messaging app- Google Duo. With video messages on Google Duo, users can now capture and share important moments, even when the receiver can’t take the call. Duo users can send a video message to their friend or family member, who will receive it in the app. The video messaging functionality allows users to leave a 30-second video (or voice) message if the person they’re calling declines or misses the incoming call. To play a video message received from another user, the receiver may tap their chat icon. After watching the video message, the receiver may tap the “Call now” button to instantly call the sender. Video messages will automatically disappear within a day after it’s seen. However, the receiver has the option of saving favorites locally to his/her phone. As in case of all calls made on Duo, video messages are secure and end-to-end encrypted. Google’s video chats mobile app was announced at the company’s developer conference in May 2016 and began its worldwide release in August of the same year. Furthermore, a ‘Knock Knock’ feature lets users see a live preview of the caller before answering. The app also lets users make audio-only calls. Meanwhile, the new feature has been launched on Android and iOS and will be live worldwide in the near future.

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