Now, selfies with thana incharge help MP girls to beat stalkers

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Hoshingabad (MP), Sep 16 (ANI): The ubiquitous ‘selfie’ has been turned into a weapon to fight online abuse of women in Madhya Pradesh. Girls in Hoshangabad district of the state are actively participating in a campaign called ‘TI mera bhai hai’ (TI stands for thana incharge) – a brainchild of the local police. Under the campaign, school and college girls have been asked to click selfies with the local police station incharge and upload them as display pictures (DP) on their WhatsApp profiles with the status message ‘TI mera bhai hai’ as police feel that this would deter stalkers on social media. More than 500 girls took selfies with the TI within a week after the campaign started.

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