NYC ramps up security for New Year’s Eve celebration

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Thousands of police officers are gearing up to guard revelers on New Year’s Eve at Times Square, one of New York City’s highest-profile events. Vanessa Johnston reports.

NYC ramps up security for New Year’s Eve celebration

With one million people expected to descend on Time Square New Year’s Eve…

…and Islamist-inspired attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris still fresh in people’s minds…

New York City Police say they’re upping security this year — deploying 6,000 officers, 500 more than last year…

A comfort to many.


“I mean ISIS and everything — I feel like they’ll definitely help us more, more security check-ins, I mean you can’t bring bags now.”


“I feel safe because all over you can see police officers, it’s good.”

In November, Islamic State militants released video showing a glimpse of Times Square and then a suicide bomber.

But the NYPD says they’re deploying all possible security measures — from bomb-sniffing dogs to radiation detectors…

To ensure revelers a safe celebration…as they eagerly await the famous Times Square ball to drop… and the new year.

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