NYC Thanksgiving parade held without incident

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Huge crowds flock to Manhattan for Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, which was held without incident under tight security almost two weeks after deadly attacks in Paris. Jillian Kitchener reports.

NYC Thanksgiving parade held without incident

There was a show of force in Manhattan… precaution, as an estimated 3.5 million spectators turned up for the city’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.


“New York seems to be really safe. I’m really confident. NYPD seems to be doing a great job here.”

It went off without any major issues and guests got to feast their eyes on the massive, festive, balloons.

Officials HAD urged residents and visitors to carry on their plans, saying there were no known, credible threats to the Big Apple.

Even so, the NYPD ramped up parade security and added members of a new counter-terrorism unit, in light of the recent attacks in Paris.


“I did have a bit of concern, especially as I’m here with my kids. But you gotta live your life. It’s a once in a lifetime and I trust I trust in God that everything will be okay.”

Officials were right on the mark… encouraging people to celebrate. And for many, that happened right here in Manhattan.

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