Obama criticises House legislation on refugees

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US President Barack Obama said legislation approved by the House of Representatives on refugees complicates an already strict process and would run contrary to American values. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Obama criticises House legislation on refugees


U.S. President Barack Obama criticised legislation approved by the House of Representatives on refugees saying it was contrary to American values.

Obama made the comments during a news conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Although on it’s face, the House legislation simply says well we can just certify and this is just along the lines of some of the more radical proposals that we were hearing earlier in the week from some of the presidential candidates. The fact of the matter is that it gums up the works so much you don’t end up seeing any refugees admitted. If you layer it with more and more bureaucracy that it doesn’t actually make us safer because it doesn’t do a better job of screening, but simply makes it almost impossible to process individuals who are coming in, then you are effectively ending the refugee program for people who desperately need it. And when I refer to a betrayal of our values I was being very specific at some of the commentary that was made that would suggest that for example that we would let Christians in, but not Muslims.That we were somehow so fearful that a four-year-old orphan might not be let in. And those of you who joined me at the refugee center yesterday, and you saw those kids, that’s who we’re talking about. If you are a parent and you saw those kids, and you thought about what they had gone through- the notion that we couldn’t find a home for them anywhere in the United States of America? That is contrary to our values.”

Obama has been attending the East Asia Summit and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meetings.

Obma will travel back to Washington on Sunday.

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